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Tuesday November 29, 2011

30 Nov

Missed posting yesterday due to brain fog. Not sure where is is coming from but if it is not on my list I forget about things. This is really bad when I happen to be watering plants outside and head in to answer the phone. Next time I go outside I have a lake where the front yard should be. Have not said this before but I have Lupus and a few other Auto Immune problems. So with the cold comes hurting joints and pain. Driving in the Smartcar helps due to the high seats but all this driving back and forth today has really worn me out.

But what the heck Pain means your alive, Right?

Oh Yea, I was told today that it is cheaper to buy a new Stand mixer that to fix an older one. What they Hey? What has happen that $300.00 items are considerated throwaways. Not this kid. I will take it apart myself to see if I can figure it out.

Cleaned more stuff today, per one of my kid’s I am a hoarder, But who do they go to when they need something. But the kid’s right. I have way to much stuff.  I gave away over 100 books on Saturday and can not think of what they where. I guess that means I do not need them. I cleaned off shelves today that I do not think had be dusted in at least 1 year, Found $1.00 tokens from the Luxor in Los Vegas, about $4.00 in change. I have move the couch for the last two days trying to find just the right place.

Also found my Uncle a good price (217.00) for 4 days in St Augustine Floirda between Christmas and New Years Eve.  So I will go to WJXR to pick up the Coupons on Wed, and deliver to Lakeland on Monday.

So I did not get to write about Jim today, Poor boy is stuck in a jail in the wrong dimension and everyone there thinks he is crazy. But mor on that later.

November 28 2011

28 Nov

OK so today has already started and I have too may things to do. This not working is harder than working a full time job. Today I need to clean the living room, empty the front room, catch up the laundry do dishes, and take the cat to the vet, Oh yea also start planing our trip across country in the Smart car. That should be fun. MOre to follow I am still trying to write my book and about Jim.

Still Learning

27 Nov

Only took me 15 minutes to figure out how to add this post. Questions I have relate to why do people think it is ok to sit on the sofa all day and then complain that nothing gets done.


Hello world!

27 Nov

This is the true story of what a life for a 50+ women can be like. I have a spouse and 4 children.I am an empty nester who is trying to run away.  I am unemployed after many years in the medical health customer service business. I am trying to start my own business. So here goes.