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December 30, 2010

31 Dec

Back to the real world today. Housework, and cleaning out the christmas stuff.  The tree stays up until the 1st of Jan, but the rest can be packed away. The youngest would like her ornaments and stockings to start her own christmas with her other half. The missle says give it all to the youngest she likes to do the whole christmas thing.

Well Jim has now convinced Leslee that he is not crazy and they are headed to the garden to see if he can find the portal to the oher side. She is not sure of where they are going but she is willing to trust him to get her back safe. He has tried to explian how things work over there, no going anywhere with out permission, no speaking to your betters, no relationships unless they are approved. Leslee thinks maybe she will bring these people update with the 21st century. Jim has explin how they have sleep chambers but no dream, and the food is just for the body to remain useful and really has no flavor. he really likes the hambugers he has eaten while with Leslee. Everything has such wonderful taste and texture. Leslee’s coworkers think she has a few mables missing to trust this nut to show her a new world but the trip has started and there is no turning back now

December 23, 2011

24 Dec

Listening to Tim Curry read the story of Scrooge. It is quite enjoyable. I really enjoy his voice.

I am finally relaxed and enjoying the holiday season. Tommorow I will send the boys presents home with thier Mom so they can enjoy them on Christmas morning.

I hope evryone has a happy holiday.

I know we all have lost people we love this year and even this week, But remember them in love on Christmas morning and remember all the wonderful times we had with them. Remember also that Christ was born, lived and died so that we my return to live with him and our families after we complete our missons here

December 21, 2011 Part 2

22 Dec

So today we had a blood suger of405 after drinking 1/2 bottle of Tequila, 3 Brownies, some donut holes and No movemment except to walk to the kitchen and pick up a bottle. AM I that hard to live with that he wants to die. If so just leave it would be easier and quicker.

I had the boys most of the day but they played for about 2 hours with thier uncle on the play station. and I spent that time at the internet cafe trying to relax it is better the Tequila.

I know if I am that bad maybe I should leave but that is what this blog is all about so I can check back to see if I am alway this unhappy

I am not ready to walk for a bridge so I guess I am ok


December 21, 2011

21 Dec

Boy it started early today, We are already down a bottle of Tequila

December 20, 2011

21 Dec

AN other day in the life of a gopher. Today I ended up going to 4 different Walgreens trying to find my Calender I had made for my Mom. Found it got it in the mail along with CHRISTMAS cards. AND GUESS what my Mom is coing here on Wed. But it will begreat to see her. I have 2 grands with me tonigt and tommorrow so she will get to see them also.

Finally got the tree up and partial decorated. Some of the lights are out many of my Decoration have been broken from moving place to place in storage but hey the important one that the children made are still there. This year the youngest wants to take her’s to her home so she can start tradations of her own. I understand that so when it is time to put them away she gets them.

The soup will be ready on Wed afternoon I hope after all this it turns about good We shall see. Went to the store and picked up breakfast food for the boys and donuts. Lunch can be what ever I have in the kitchen or with thier Great Grand mother.

ell atleast my tree is up I will wrap gift and place under it before Christmas morning so I feel like I am getting some thing done right.

Most of my time is alone since He is still drinking 1/2 bottle of tequila in about 2 hours and then passing out. This is my release. Taking to the screen and knowing some where some else understands what I am doing


December 19, 2011

20 Dec

6 days until Christmas and I still have not put up a tree, TUESDAY it will go up.

I have spent 3 days gathering birthdates for my extended family, Placing in on a spreadsheet, adding it to a Calender than putting the persons picture on the date. I hope it was worth the trouble when I pick it up Tuesay from the printer office. This is a gift for my mothers for Christmas. YES CHRISTMAS not the holidays.

Whoops add that to my to do list along with the tree, Post office, wrap gifts, clean house, do laundry, and cook. Oh yea shop for the things to make cupcakes AGAIN since He used all the eggs making Hot Brownies. When I say hot brownies I do not mean from the oven. He likes to use capsacin liquid to make the taste like chocolate then it nites the back of your tongue.

He is still drinkinhg 1/2 a bottle of Tequila a day, but at least he goes to work everyday.

I am planing our trip across the country, We will be traveling or about 6 weeks.I hope to see many wonderful things in the beautiful country  live in. I hope to hunt for diamonds at Herkimer Diamond Mine Herkimer NY, and to look for Opals at Peacock Opal Mine NV. To go to Oddites in New York City, see the statute of Liberty, the 9-11 site. I am planning to visit family in Virginia, Texas, and Califorina. A few of the places I want to visit are Roswell NM., Yellowstone National Park, Giant Road Runner Ft. ? TX., Cassanos pizza in Ohio, Smithsonian Museums Washington DC. All of them, Alemagordo NM. Oh yea and a place called Bucky’s They are supposed to have the best bathrooms EVER.

AT age 53 this will be the biggest trip I have ever taken. We will be in a smart car, so the space will be close.

December 16, 2011

17 Dec

Well another 2 days and another bottle of Tequila down.

But on the good side I went to see my grandson play in a concert today. There was only 7 people there to watch the 15 children play. That is really sad that most of the families were not there.

I bought Christmas cards today so I guess saturday I will address them and get them in the mail. I had a great time at a big box store just watching people.  It is amazing how many people were PJ’s to the stores. The people seem to dress better to go to the Salvation Army stores than to go to the big boxes.

I hd fun when I went thru the drive thru at lunch. I paid for the car behind me. The other driver was really happy. I hope it was some for him to pass on today.

Spent so time at theinternet cafe today. I really like going there to just veg. Play $20.00 drink soda, eat chips and listen to people talk. If I would leave when I am ahead it would be great. I always seem to get 5-10 dollars ahead then keep playing because it is relaxing and lose it all.

So Saturday is cooking day. I am making Nilla Wafer cupcakes and Cuban Collered greens Soup. I guess we will see how well they turn out.

Well I will work on Jim Sunday so See you then

December 14, 2011

15 Dec

So CHristmas is supposed to be the season to rejoice, But my daughter made some bad choices when she was younger and now her “babies Daddy” has used them against her to take her kids. Soooo he no longer has to pay her child support she has to pay him. Well paying him is fine but how about what he owes her in back payments.

So if that did not make for enough stress today I and dealing with my ex employer to help Doctors correct thier Medicare enrollments and thye like giving me a HARD time. But life goes on and I have been told what gos around comes around. Hey up there I am still waiting.

SO my house is getting in order, I am working trying to get paid to help providers, and Poor JIM is still trapped in this world. AT least he has Leslee to help him understand that he is not where he thinks he is. and they are trying to find out how he got here in the first place, and secondly how to get back. Not sure why he would want to go back but I guess home is what you know We shall see what happens with that. I know am carrying a cassett player when i drive so I can talk and tell the story then come home and type it up.

Spouse is off thrusday so we will see how much he will drink. I think 1/2 a bottle of Tequila a dayt is a lot but some people (him) thisnks that is an ok amount to drink daily when he works. On his days off it has gone up to a full bottle.

December 11, 2011

12 Dec

Well quite a while has past since I wrote sorry about that but there are days when the world moves much to fast for me. I have manged to put up lightsa outside this year but still no tree. That is this week I hope.

DECEMBER 01, 2011

2 Dec

Well today was his day off so nothing got done around the house. Run all the errends he wanted to run, walked the kids dogs, did some dishes while he played games, who ever said someone does not work should do all the house work was WRONG. I am trying to start a business, trying to get Christmas up and running here. I still have not made my business cards and flyers, Soooooo Friday is it and Saturday we are meeting a bunch of people for a few drinks at La Nap so that will be good. I think I said I would watch my grands this week end but I am not sure I guess I will ask The oldest what I said.