19 May

Still waiting on lower back MRI so therefore haven’t been able to get anything done about the back in my left hip hurts so bad even sitting down not sure if it’s a hip or The muscle that runs on the bottom of your bum the whole constant pain thing is really wearing today since I have to do the running for my sister and my daughter I really miss my big car today it would make life so much easier and less time spent in the car

Holy cow it’s Wednesday

17 May

Oh my goodness
Well I’m


Well I’m headed up to Lannie Road to help Barbara can’t pick anything up I can’t move anything. I called few places and she says somebody has a truck tonight to help her move the stuff I know it said that God will put more on your shoulders and you can handle but I’m not sure if he’s teaching me to handle things or trying to teach me to say no

OK it’s Tuesday

16 May

So to me getting my new car set up is a lot like moving into a house I have to put my jugs of water in just in case I have to put in my tools my jumper cables my blanket just in case straws and napkins in the glove compartment again just because slowly but Surely  I’m getting the stuff in there

Happy Monday

15 May

So even with a lighter lawnmower it still hurts a lot to mow the yard I wish I could do it as good as last year but Can’t help getting older
Did my

Can’t help getting older

Did my first big grocery shopping yesterday without the Acadia didn’t realize how much I would miss it size than to mention to be able to start close the doors lock it start the motor so I can run in the house real quick to get something and leave all of her in the car for a minute can’t do that now and afraid to leave him in the car without the car locks on my taking him afraid to leave the car unlocked because somebody might steal it but making do

Orange park community garage sale

13 May

And once again I miss you Acadia trying to fit me Angel Zachary and Christina in for garage sales is a bitch I’m top of that my truck is really heavy it’s hard to open not the cars fault my fault

Doctors appointment yesterday morning decided not to do the procedure so we could do an MRI of the back to make sure we get everythingThe pain last night was unbelievable though I couldn’t get comfortable I was tired and wanted to sleep but I couldn’t go to sleep because of the pain really weird spot for pain it’s like my left top of my leg where the mud connects to think this is the gluteus maximus it’s a constant pain or hurt to five

12 May

Housework 101

11 May

My the only one that sees the garbage can in the living room is one of the table next showing is a big one on the floor to get the garbage is up on the coffee table and end table I am so sick of being on the does the dishes cleaned the house does yardwork takes care of Oliver while Christina is at work

Maybe I’m just so short tempered because my back hurts my hip hurts my arm hurts Wait my body hurts but the tip of my nose doesn’t hurt though so we’re good

10 May

So glad I finally remembered I had this somewhere that I can say how much I really miss my Acadia I just got in the car to let Oliver and slammed my head into the car frame I miss not being able to carry everything in the world and I’m already so sick of this pain maybe tomorrow will be better

Just my thoughts

6 Feb
  • Just so tired of keeps these thoughts to myself. ¬†Yes I am a stay at home person, yes I have lupus and a few other autoimmune problems. But I need a day off also, not just a day of doing things I enjoy but a real day off. Where the house and dishes get done not piled up waiting for me.

September 06 2012

7 Sep

So trying this again with just life remarks. I am trying to do my own thing and go out with friends but B makes it hard. If I go out then he tries to make me feel bad. It is like “I’m sick. Please get me this or that, you do not work so what do you do all day” Damm it I am tired or running errands for you and taking. Are of all the house and yard problems.