A true conspiracy

19 Jun

. A True Russian Conspiracy

With all the country worrying about the Russians and the 2016 elections they are possibly overlooking the most dangerous conspiracy of all. The antivaccination misinformation spread on the internet by Russian and Chinese accounts. This conspiracy is an attempt to reduce the herd immunity as defined by the United States on the vaccines.gov

Per the site Foreign Policy.com the Russian trolls online spread misinformation that contribute a lower herd immunity allowing for the spread of diseases such as measles, mumps, tetanus and even polio in some countries. They use social media, pamphlets and word of mouth. The rise in the number of cases of measles alone is a 300% increase per the World Health Organization. The increase in mumps this year alone is about 500%. The discord and fear that are spread can contribute to society and health care overload. The employees who are required to lose work hours due to the exposure to these diseases. We must strive to have the needed 95% herd immunity in the coming years.

These diseases and others cause an overload of our health care system. The doctors, nurses and other caregivers will become overworked. They require more cost to individuals, insurance companies and government agencies. The health implications are multi fold. From pneumonia, to brain damage and even detath. We are exposing children and vulnerable adults to diseases that were once considered to be eradicated.

In the United States we have had the requisite 95% for many number of years. Since the onset of the anti vaccination movement the United States has lost herd immunity. The rise of the number of cases of measles and mumps in the general public has caused panic in some areas. The influx of foreign nationals and overseas travelers that arrive with active cases. In measles the person is contagious prior to showing symptoms. With other contagious diseases the time between contagion and symptoms are varying. The cost of caring for the sick in our society is breaking the government healthcare agencies, well as the private healthcare companies and the private citizens. One example is the young man that developed tetanus after a cut at home. The cost including air ambulance and hospital care was well over $200,000.00. And still the family had the right to refuse the second needed dose of the vaccination. The MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella) is a multi step vaccination. The medical providers have even developed plans that allow for longer periods between the shots.

While the United States is losing the necessary herd immunity due to the anti vaccination movement, the vaccination rate in Russian is still at or above the 95% required for the herd immunity to protect the vulnerability. With possibility of the loss of population there could be a loss of medical workers, scientists, soldiers to fight in a war and other professions that make the United States a powerful nation. Unfriendly foreign powers could drop an infected person into one of the under vaccinated areas and cause a national pandemic. In theory the United States would be under manned and easily subdued.



How Russia Sows Confusion in the U.S. Vaccine Debate



Getting worst 

1 Oct

I am so tired of living feeling like this 

So tired of hurting so tired of feeling like this 

I need something for me

I need me time me car things done for me 

I am dying 

1 Sep

No one to talk to. I feel like 

Friday at last

4 Aug

I am so tired of expecting others to do the right thing. Why should anyone step up when I seem to always pick up the slack. In my humble Opinion if you see something needs done do it 

No more later, no more in a minute 


Filling the car with gas and heading north sounds like a good idea The only problem is I don’t know if I come back so if I ever disappear in my animals are with me don’t look for me to come back

So fucking tired

4 Aug

So tired of hurting didn’t want everybody calls me with problems so want to just go on a beach and run away

Fish. The mullet (Mugilidae) found in estuarine waters worldwide, and the gizzard or mud shad, found in freshwater lakes and streams from New York to Mexico, have gizzards

15 Jun

Part two original reason I posted

14 Jun

I really miss the Acadia they be able to start the car so it’s warm when I get in because I’m always cold heated seats so my back doesn’t hurt as much when I’m driving the big enough space to be able to carry as many people as I need to adults and children up still have Trunk room

A stress free life Ha

14 Jun

Today started out good we can get a shot for the pain in my neck hopefully that’ll hold for a couple of weeks getting in another car is not fun because it’s so much lower than the other one but that’s OK I’m adapting had to go over to Christina’s doctor hilar’s office to pick up her prescription which they said it was at Middleburg and that I could pick it up after they got back from lunch at 1:30 so I went and picked up Bill and we went to the new farm fresh boy was it crowded

While were in there Christina calls and Dr. Holler’s office is closing at 12:30 so we’re rushing out trying to get over there and they call her if she’s in tears or they’re going home it doesn’t matter she gets a prescription or not so we’re arty on our way we get there the office is closed but some of the next lights are on I’d be on the door until we get Dr hilar he comes out he says oh today’s your lucky day I said no it’s your lucky day to give me the prescription so he did

I told him all about his “” wonderful office staff he said he would deal with it he would see if you can get Christina in before Monday then we head home Bill and I go to launch go to get academy to get stuff it’s pouring down rain we get home Joey calls Christina

Joey and JD had a screaming yelling fight with JD darling furniture and the Xbox could we come get him he doesn’t want to stay there anymore he his mom has to choose him or JD Zachary back him up so we drive like that at a hill to the southside of Jacksonville we get there angels in tears saying she’s got to stay there and I went on both boys come home with me

Joey sees it Christina’s for the night Zachary stays with me for the night and then I go back out to get food to feed a teenage boy for the rest of the week
So yeah I have a “stress-free life”


26 May

So runaround with my sister again today for four hours but only 43 miles on my car this time that’s not home yet Oliver ate his Binky and I’m so sick of a small car I love my little car but I’d like to have the option of sharing more than two people and one child

It made me realize I can’t take all my grandkids and another dog down to Tampa my car isn’t big enough and on top of that the insurance company denied my MRI so we’re just gonna do the shot as best they can

I may get it to meet a granddaughter I didn’t know I had

20 May

Today John told me about Amber

Amber was his girlfriend about 10 years ago Amber was pregnant when she left and she swore to John it wasn’t  his

We’ve always thought it was. John kept track of her and now Amber contacted John and wants him to meet Charlotte, his daughter